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28.pnj"><"http://fuckyeahlolirock.tumblr.com/page/4" />
Lolirock is produced by Marathon Media | Zodiak Kids
I've been a longtime fan of cartoons made by Marathon so when I heard they were making a magical girl show I was ecstatic! It first aired in France during 2014 and is now available to watch on Netflix.


New LoliRock Music Video : Never Give Up !

Clip storyboarded by Anaïs “Noon” Chevillard, Cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin / Bénédicte Ciaravino / Céline Lorthiois / Flore Pipari.

Song composed by Norbert Gilbert “Yellowshark”, Lyrics & Performed by Yasmin Shah

French version available here : http://youtu.be/0-oVNAkEQVE (”Jamais Lâcher”)

This was the 5th and last song. Now, the next stage is the episodes ! ;) See you soon ! 



Some “postcards” with Iris New Star Generation. Hope it is not bad)

Very nice :)

The DVD on amazon.fr that appeared as “Volume 4″ changed it’s title to the full season 2 boxset. Right now the release date for this is October 4th 2017.



New LoliRock Music Video : New Star Generation !

Clip storyboarded by Yann Legall, Cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin / Bénédicte Ciaravino / Céline Lorthiois / Flore Pipari.

Song composed by Norbert Gilbert “Yellowshark”, Lyrics & Performed by Yasmin Shah

French version available here : http://youtu.be/U13Mej_yl6A (”Star Generation”)

See you next week for the final music video : Never Give Up ! ;)


Collab with @snowflakefabulous
Sketch, line and background - @millimoonlw
Color - @snowflakefabulous



The most important part of the teaser imo. Très mignonnes! No workout clothes for Lyna, bet she thinks it’s too un-princessy or physical.:P



(Teasing poster by Galou)

Yo!!! Amazon.fr has the season 1 French box set for only 6,99 EUR! The lowest price it’s ever been 😮


New LoliRock Music Video : LoliStep !

Clip storyboarded by Charles Lefebvre, Cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin / Bénédicte Ciaravino / Céline Lorthiois / Flore Pipari.

Song composed by Norbert Gilbert “Yellowshark”, Lyrics & Performed by Yasmin Shah

French version avai lable here : http://youtu.be/W22QxIjPB7U (”Danse le Lolistep”)

See you next week for the fourth music video ! ;)


LoliRock Season 2 : Production OVER ! 

(Drawing above by Jean-Louis Vandestoc himself)

It’s done ! Finaly ! After 5 years of production, from the 1st episode of season 1 to the 26th of season 2 !

Thanks for all the people who worked on it, both in France and Malaysia ! And thanks to the man who inspired us to follow him for so long, director Jean-Louis Vandestoc. 

Now, season 2 only needs to be aired, which should be soon, at least in France : You can expect quite a few preview episodes on our youtube channel for Christmas’ vacations, and the airing should start in January 2017. More details as soon as we’ll have them. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our episodes as much as we enjoyed (and struggled) to create them.

Quick Answers to regular questions :

- Season 2 will have 26 new episodes of 22 minutes each, and will feature 5 new songs (you can find the music videos online on our youtube channel. At least for 3 out of 5 at the moment)

- The series is still mostly composed of “stand alone episodes”, but we have three two-part episodes that you shouldn’t miss. 

- We suggest to watch from episode 2-01 to 2-26 in order, since some interesting episodes will come at the end of the season

- Lyna and Carissa, the two new princesses introduced at the end of season 1 will help Iris, Talia ans Auriana, but won’t live with them nor join the band. They’re still members of the Resistance, and won’t always be with our three main princesses. It’s a “Three + Two” team at this point. 

- The tone of the season has evolved a little, and we tried to mix some more emotional episodes, to add some depth to the show. Be prepared ! 

- What about a season 3 ? Let’s say “maybe”. :) It’ll probably depend of season 2′s success. ;) And for now, all the team need a little rest anyway. 


-When is season 2 airing on tv?
-Beginning of December I think

Finally! :D

Standing closer, you’ll be stronger, with your best friends nearby.