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Tonight Alive

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MTV: Your new single ‘Drive’ is ridiculously catchy, it makes us dance about. Your moves in the video are pretty impressive; what songs do you dance to in the privacy of your own home? I love to dance, although I used to be quite afraid of dancing. Writing this record, there were so many situations where I had to overcome my fear of being expressive and being myself. The feeling we get from the new album is that you are pushing back hard on negative influences; can you tell us specifically what they are and why?

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Jenna McDougall was born in Sydney, Australia and has two sisters. Growing up, she put on small shows with her family. Whakaio Taahi guitar and Cam Adler. Ahead of the albums release we sat down with singer Jenna McDougall and guitarist Whakaio Taahi to find out all about the albums hmv. Buy tickets for an upcoming Tonight Alive acoustic tracks are generally never performed at Tonight Alive gigs, and Jenna has Seeing Whakaio jump and. Meet and Greet could you do one where jenna mcdougall meets a fan at a meet and greet and they hit it off and progress into a romantic relationship.

Seriously did jenna mcdougall and whakaio taahi dated?????? tell meeeeee? Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. Anonymous. 6 years ago.

It is with regret and great sadness that we announce our guitarist Whakaio’s departure from Tonight Alive. After 9 years on this path together, Whak has made the decision to step back from touring and pursue his own career in songwriting and producing outside of the band. Whakaio loved and came alive in the creative process; it was a pleasure and privilege to witness. We know his heart and gifts belong in the studio and we continue to love and support each other as a family. The four of us consider ourselves to be 1 part of a greater whole, and will always hold a place for our brother and best friend, whose energy will be known, heard and felt for lifetimes.

Underworld is due out January It’s currently available for preorder here. Check out the tracklisting and the band’s forthcoming tour dates below. Book Of Love 2.

Jenna McDougall

You heard Jenna call up the stairs. Stopping to take one last look at the mirror, you straightened out your denim dress, and slipped your feet into a pair of gladiator sandals, before you grabbed your clutch and headed downstairs. Jenna was sat on the sofa, in dark denim jeans, and white and black polka dot button up top from American Apparel.

She turned her head just as you reached the bottom of the stairs, and her face lit up with pride and happiness.

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It seems like only yesterday the couple was dancing their way into each other’s hearts in the film. So this tour is a short one to showcase the new album, will Tonight Alive be having a full-length tour later? But sometimes, the truth is that people tend to grow apart, and this seems to be the case with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

In fact, the couple are incredibly private regarding anything concerning their love life. By doing so you make everything around you grow — everything.

Whakaio and jenna dating

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Tonight Alive have announced the departure of guitarist Whakaio Taahi. Check out the tracklisting and the band’s forthcoming tour dates below. Watch more: Vic Fuentes and Jenna McDougall, “Hold On Till May” (acoustic).

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She describes herself as bisexual. She also dated musician Whakaio Taahi for a brief amount of time. At present, Jenna is believed to be single.

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Jenna McDougall born 1 June is an Australian singer. She is the lead vocalist of the rock band Tonight Alive. Jenna McDougall was born in Sydney, Australia and has two sisters. Growing up, she put on small shows with her family. She was a regular traveller to the UK to visit friends. She played instruments during high school, and performed in her school choir and musicals, which sparked her interest in music.

She attended an all-girls school. McDougall was playing small acoustic shows in Sydney before she joined Tonight Alive. In an interview, McDougall said she had problems with eczema : “Between July and March I had health issues that were escalating beyond my control.

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