US6075867A – Micromechanical microphone – Google Patents

US6075867A – Micromechanical microphone – Google Patents

Above: The Astatic D, their most iconic and most widely-available model. Astatic Corp was based on Conneaut Ohio for many years. Although they primarily produced microphones for voice-frequency communications work, they also made higher-fidelity models which are much less common. Anyone out there using any of the higher-fidelity vintage Astatic models for music production work? Drop us a line and let us know…. Click this link for my previous posting of the earlier Astatic Microphone Catalog. I have a DC.

Astatic JT-30 Harmonica Microphone Late 1940s Gray

The d microphone that I bought for the eBay could not have been a better microphone I’ve got real good reports from it it’s very clear I will buy another one if I need one the people that packed the microphone that I actually sold the microphone did an excellent job of packing could not have been better I’m very happy with my purchase I’ll certainly do it again if I need one.

Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. I have used Astatic Mic’s since the early seventy’s. The quality of sound has been one of the best for my hobby.

of femtogram quantities for U-series dating using multi ion counting (MIC) A static collection of low-level ion beams improves the efficiency of isotope.

I discovered a couple of Astatic D Microphones. See more old Mics. Introduced in , the Astatic model D was popular for its high frequency response which resulted in very intelligible audio. Its high output voltage was characteristic of crystal elements and its high impedance allowed for direct grid input. The case thickness was reduced in April and smaller tags were then used and the ring holes eliminated. In , an eagle and shield was added to the rear cover to commemorate the US Bicentennial.

Other variations appeared from time to time until , when production ceased, 68 years after the first D was offered. The D is often used by CB radio hobbyists and vintage amateur radio enthusiasts as part of their operating activities. At a hamfest or flea market the seller wants to dispose of items in the most expedient way possible. To say that it worked the last time they used it is a good use of plausibility deniability for the seller but bad for you the buyer.

Ignorance is bliss… and this blissful strategy could make a fast sale.

US2623957A – Microphone windshield – Google Patents

A microphone is a device that converts mechanical energy waves or sound into electrical energy waves. Speaking into a microphone excites moves a diaphragm that is coupled to a device that creates an electrical current proportional to the sound waves produced. Microphones are a part of everyday life.

Buy Astatic B Cardioid Condenser Hanging Choir Mic – Equitek Capsule for Extended Frequency Response: Musical Date First Available, July 2,

I believe this one may have been a special version offered to Shure executives upon the introduction of the in mid The element in this mic is dated June The tag is navy blue with embossed lettering. I have no idea who the original owner was but I do know who it will be buried with! My personal collection of mics and elements consists of about 30 microphones which are mostly Shure bullets, and some of the various models of the Astatic JT30 which have different model numbers from the early Astatic years.

You may be able to see the subtle differences between the various models, or maybe not. I do know that the early models were made in Youngstown Ohio, and the later models were made in Conneaut Ohio. The end of the shells that are more pointed give them the appearance of being slightly shorter, whether they actually are or not.

File:Vintage Astatic Silver Eagle Microphone (14763565067).jpg

Order by:. Available to:. Vintage Original Astatic Microphone Bag.

MicrophoneBackgroundA microphone is a device that converts mechanical energy waves The ceramic or crystal microphone was invented by the Astatic.

American and Japanese microphones from the past. Astatic – Shure – Piezo – Turner. American AH. American D7TP. More info can be found here. This model is one of the microphones that are nicknamed the “Salt Shaker”. It was introduced around , its frequency range is given as Hz. The D4 without a Transformer had an impedance of 30 Ohm.

The single contact models have a high impedance Ohm , the models with or Ohm had a balanced line output connector. A data sheet can be found here.

Astatic 302-AST878DM Amplified Ceramic Desk CB Microphone

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25, MICROPHONE SUPPORT William L. Woodworth, Youngstown, Ohio, assignor to The Astatic Corporation, Youngstown, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio.

Shure introduced the Controlled Reluctance Transducer element in The elements had a unique design that made them immune to temperature and climate conditions. It consisted of a brass disc that was used as the main support for the built in transformer, magnetic assembly, diaphram, armature assembly and cover. It was described by Shure as being a high output microphone with good response, high impedance without the need of a transformer that had its stability assured by unique control of the reluctance of the magnetic system.

Years later they were called Controlled Magnetic Transducers. Shure described them as being pressure operated units using the balanced armature, controlled magnetic principle. The elements have a built in transformer, eliminating the need for an external one.

Astatic Corporation

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The following mics are all suitable for use by harp players. I am not a mic builder. I do not install volume controls and normally do not do repaint jobs. If a volume control is working, I leave it alone, but if it is defective I remove it. Personally, I prefer to use in-line volume controls and not violate the integrity of the shell. All mics are wired for high impedance, best used with a vintage-type tube amp. My goal is to supply dependable, working, vintage mics to harp players at reasonable cost.

All mics are guaranteed to be in working condition when shipped. Prices are usually geared to be considerably lower than similar model examples offered by various other harp mic suppliers, including mics offered on eBay. Please check the Endorsements and Testimonials section at the end of the “About Pete” page for some satisfied customer comments.

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