Welcome to Cane Quest

Welcome to Cane Quest

It was based on the novel of the same title by Winston Graham. Deborah Dainton suffers from a limp as a result of polio. Treatment for the disease as a child has left her claustrophobic and reclusive in large crowds. Her rigid and controlled life is transformed when she meets a struggling artist, Leigh Hartley, at a party she begrudgingly attends to please her parents. Although she is not interested in Leigh, his persistence pays off when she finally agrees to go out on a date with him. Deborah is initially defensive toward Leigh, but he begins to grow on her. Leigh brings Deborah home for some coffee, where he asks to paint her portrait, which she declines but, eventually, allows.

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Shaft made of rare Coromandel Ebony sourced from Sri Lanka. Detailed hand carved top with. The stick is a brown Detailed Rustic wood stick. The handle has a silver collar to resemble a buckle.

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So why do antique walking canes deserve any more attention than that? The first use of walking sticks was as a defensive weapon. Later they became a symbol of authority and power, carried by royals, tribal chiefs and army officers. After the s, canes became in vogue for men — and ladies too — to carry as part of their daily attire, and turned into a necessity of the egocentric dandy in the 18th and 19th centuries.

These canes could come in a variety of materials. Handles could be in gold, silver, ivory, porcelain, stone, wood or glass. In Victorian times, canes started to be mass produced and some spectacular and unusual examples were created. These canes could be classified into categories and could have different functions. For example, defensive canes that contained hidden swords or blades; automated canes that had heads that moved at the touch of a secret button; marine canes — made by sailors — frequently using whalebone; and folk art canes, carved and used by shepherds and farmers.

There were also canes that could turn into umbrellas or even musical instruments. Whoever you were, there was a cane for you.

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An information website created for antique cane and walking stick enthusiasts. an antique dealer, specializing in canes dating from 17th to the 19th century.

Buy online, view images and see past prices for A 19th century carved ivory dogs head handled walking stick. Invaluable is the world’s largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. A marvelous ivory cane of a lion and snake. It depicts in marvelous detail, a male lion sitting atop a foliage-laden tree stump confronting a vicious, open-mouthed snake.

It is perhaps English, ca , and it may be allegorical with the lion representing the British Empire and the snake representing her foes. Ivory walking stick handle. Image result for 19th century carved german head cane. The William Secord Gallery, the only gallery of its kind in North America, specializes in fine nineteenth and twentieth century dogs and animal paintings, and it was established by William Secord in Since then, it has become a popular destination for those interested in dog art and collectibles.

William Secord is the world authority on the nineteenth century dog painting and is the first author to explore the presentation of the dog from its origins to the remarkable paintings of the…. See prices and auction results for H. Sterling Inc. TFL in TN. Cane , Ivory Horses Head Handle.

Walking Sticks

The apocalyptic internet movement QAnon is gaining followers by the thousands, and churches are slow to respond. Several women complain of aggressive sexual behavior from young North Carolina congressional candidate. My father finds it amusing that I keep a collection of walking sticks hidden behind a tree stump near the wrought iron gate to the wooded cemetery where we walk each day. To his puzzlement regarding my enamorment of shards of American sycamore branches that line our winding way I give the same reply each time: I like the feel of them, both in my hand and as they scrape the road below and make an earthy sound and ground me in creation.

Truth be told, the pleasure goes beyond that more communicable answer, to some atavistic call that joins me to a cloud of witnesses stretching back and back. The very first boys gathered sticks to make a fire to offer up their produce or their yearlings Genesis 4.

Discover ideas about Wooden Walking Sticks. An officer’s stick, dating: circa provenance: Europe Ebony shaft, richly chiselled with floral motifs, at the.

Click a ticket and travel the world via the life of canes! I am French and my web site is bilingual. Cane Quest An information website created for antique cane and walking stick enthusiasts. The World of the Walking Stick Traveling the world looking for the “unique of the unique”, Liela Nelson received her Master’s Degree in Decorative Arts with her thesis based on walking sticks.

Visit us and view some of the most unique, and usually one-of-a-kind, walking sticks you can Canes Galore I have re-submitted the reciprocal part of the link through my website set-up – as you can guess I am new at this and put your own website in my reciprocal space! Ah well, my heart was in the right place Offers canes and cane accessories including adjustable canes, elegant, aluminum, long, silver, and travel canes.

Low Prices — Fast Shipping — Highest Quality Laurence Jatzen – Antiques collection canes For twenty five years Laurence Jantzen has been an antique dealer, specializing in canes dating from 17th to the 19th century. She is also an expert at the appraisal Company : C. Speaker at the last Canemania event, Gilbert Segas is an antique canes dealer in Paris since

Hand me down my walking cane

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Antique Walking Sticks & Canes

It was about 10 years ago that I found an interesting walking stick with a gold-looking handle in a consignment shop in Westchester County. The tip of the cane was nicely engraved with a floral decoration. Examining it, I was convinced the handle was gold and the stick possibly English in origin. It would make a wonderful birthday gift for a friend to add to the interesting sticks in the small collection that had been given to him by his late father.

Walking Stick Brewing Company. likes · 64 talking about this · were here. A Texas brewery with Rocky Mountain roots.

A cane is a rod fabricated from wood, metal, plastic, or glass, used by individuals as walking aids, ceremonial or professional batons, or fashionable accessories. Some historians and collectors distinguish canes from walking sticks by materials, with the former constructed from bamboo and reed plants, and the latter from wood, ivory, or bone. Others distinguish on the basis of geographic linguistics—a cane in America is a walking stick in Europe.

Most walking sticks and canes consist of a handle, shaft, and ferrules, one between the handle and the shaft to support the cane and conceal the juncture where the two meet, and one, at the bottom of the stick, to prevent wear of the shaft and to prevent splitting. Wood is the most popular material for the shaft, and almost any kind of wood can be used—for example, chestnut, ebony, or beech. Naturally, the more expensive the wood, the more valuable the cane, and choice of material has historically helped to convey the status of the owner.

For example, malacca wood, found only in the Malacca district of Malaysia, must be specially cultivated, and Irish blackthorn is a slow-growing wood that must be cut in parts and set aside for years to harden before it can be fashioned into a walking stick. Both types of canes are considered to be highly desirable for collectors.

My Bonhams

Super Victorian partridge wood and gold walking stick or cane. The gold is engraved with a crest to the top with the initials MC to one side of the button Rare to find match stick Folk Art shaft hallmarked silver walking stick or cane. The silver was assayed in London as shown in the pictures, date letter for and Lovely Malacca wood and hallmarked silver walking stick or cane. The silver was assayed in London as shown in the pictures, date letter for and makers mark for Jonathan


Welcome to Cane Quest. Everybody collects something at some time. Childhood hobbies are often an outlet for creativity, with youthful interests shifting and becoming more refined with time. Through our hobbies and collections we discover a bit more about ourselves, our interests and inspirations, and our place in the world.

As a child, my dolls were left unloved as I was far too busy looking for rocks and fossils in the fields nearby. During that time I learned the joy of arrowhead hunting walking cornfields in Southern Illinois. Over the years I have collected demitasse cups, Victorian Majolica I love the jewel colors of the translucent lead glazes and the organic shapes of the pottery and other shorter lived interests.

I began collecting bisque and china head dolls before the birth of our first son; out from storage came Tiny Tears and Ginny. I have been a cane collector ever since. In , I moved to Colorado. Shortly thereafter I began studying the history of western expansion and the Great movement west.

Walking Stick vs. Trekking Poles – Which Is Right For You? Pros and Cons

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